Livestreaming Video Services For Your Seattle-Area Event

Video Livestreaming is a viable alternative to hosting large public events, or a great way to include those who cannot attend.

Unified Cinematic livestreaming the 2018 Taste of Iceland in Seattle. A multi-camera setup with an active switcher adds a look of professionalism to any livestreamed event.

Unified Cinematic Videography has been offering video livestreaming for conferences and other events for several years now. But now, we are starting to see an increase in demand for livestreaming services as more people are working from home, avoiding large, public gatherings, and skipping travel. A lot of work goes into organizing an event and sometimes it’s just not practical to cancel it altogether. By offering a video livestream option, you can save money and still reach the clients and colleagues you care about.

Before you decide if livestreaming is right for you, let’s take a look at what makes a good livestream.

1. High Quality Audio - This is absolutely critical. If your viewers can’t hear you, they won’t tune in. Unified Cinematic offers several high quality audio options depending on the venue and your individual needs.

2. Adequate Notice - If people don’t know when or why to tune in, they won’t. It’s vital that you inform your viewers through your regular channels (social media, email, etc.) about the livestream and where they can view it ahead of time. Unified Cinematic can help you determine what information you need to share ahead of time.

3. In-house High-speed Internet - Livestreaming takes up considerable internet resources. You need to make sure that your venue can handle the bandwidth of uploading a consistent datastream to a server. You generally want a WIRED internet connection (wi-fi can work in an emergency) but cellular/wireless services are unreliable for most livestreaming purposes. Most hotels, universities, and public events centers have wired ethernet options, but Unified Cinematic always confirms beforehand.

4. Reliable Servers - YouTube and Facebook both offer livestreaming servers that are reliable and free. While there are other options available, these companies also offer a trusted name and familiar interface and we recommend them. If you are not hosting a public event but still want to livestream, you can also use private services like Zoom or Skype.

5. Scheduled Events and Notifications - You don’t want someone to tune in only to see a blank screen. Unified Cinematic can work with you to create graphics that will let your viewers know what they’re tuning into, and when upcoming events will begin, so that you don’t lose viewers to confusion.

If all of these factors sound important to you, then please read about Unified Cinematic’s Event Coverage options here. We offer expert video coverage for a variety of live events in Seattle and the Puget Sound region. Contact us today for a project quote - we’ll be happy to assist you!

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