1. Guest Blog - Tips For Hiring Outside Marketers

    18 Feb 2022
    The 4 Rules of Thumb Business Owners Should Know When Hiring Outside Sales and Marketing Professionals If your business has had difficulty hitting key sales or marketing goals, you may be looking to bring new employees on board. Whether you’re only considering full-time staff members or whether you’re interested in…

  2. How to Prepare for an Interview on Camera

    28 Aug 2021
    So you’re going to be on camera! Most people feel nervous at the prospect of being interviewed on camera, but if you’re working with an experienced interviewer, there’s no need. It’s our job to make you look good – all you have to do is answer a few questions on…

  3. Video Marketing for Construction and Design

    01 Jan 2021
    One of the unique features of video is its ability to condense time. This is useful not only when it comes to explaining a complex subject, but also when it comes to displaying a slow process over time. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the fields of construction and…

  4. Video Marketing for Manufacturing, Machinery, and Technology

    11 Dec 2020
    Businesses in the field of manufacturing and technology have the ability to unlock tremendous potential by incorporating video into their digital marketing plan. While these industries tend to provide plenty of text information on their website, a video allows them to quickly disseminate complex ideas and information while making a…

  5. Podcast Interview with Unified Cinematic

    23 Aug 2020
    Unified Cinematic Videography owner Michael Poggenburg discusses the future of video marketing after COVID-19 and how the digital media landscape is forever changed Learn about video livestreaming, how to market your business online, and what you should consider when getting started in video marketing. This interview was part of the…

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