1. Podcast Interview with Unified Cinematic

    23 Aug 2020
    Unified Cinematic Videography owner Michael Poggenburg discusses the future of video marketing after COVID-19 and how the digital media landscape is forever changed Learn about video livestreaming, how to market your business online, and what you should consider when getting started in video marketing. This interview was part of the…

  2. Livestreaming Video Services For Your Seattle-Area Event

    09 Mar 2020
    In the wake of event cancellations and postponements over fears of the Coronavirus, Video Livestreaming is a viable alternative to hosting large public events. Unified Cinematic livestreaming the 2018 Taste of Iceland in Seattle. A multi-camera setup with an active switcher adds a look of professionalism to any livestreamed event.…

  3. Guest Blog - Video Marketing Strategy in the Digital World

    07 Dec 2019
    This guest blog was provided by Video Caddy and features video from Unified Cinematic Videography Video marketing has become one of the most powerful forms of marketing on the planet, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. YouTube alone gets millions of views every single day. Other social media platforms have…

  4. Video for Your Gala Fundraiser is a Great Investment

    08 May 2019
    All video is marketing, and effective marketing is an investment that you should see a return on! I say it all the time, but it bears repeating: humans are storytellers. More than anything, we give our lives meaning by the stories we tell ourselves, the characters we become, and the…

  5. Four Ways to Effectively Use Video Marketing

    01 May 2019
    Almost every company can benefit from video marketing online, but some will benefit more than others. Why is that? The brands that benefit most from video marketing are the brands that have a strategy in place for how to use it. While a well made video is always helpful, a…

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