Video Marketing for Construction and Design

One of the unique features of video is its ability to condense time. This is useful not only when it comes to explaining a complex subject, but also when it comes to displaying a slow process over time. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the fields of construction and design where projects can span weeks or months. Over the years, Unified Cinematic Videography has helped numerous construction companies show off their work, both during the building process and after completing a project. 

People who hire companies in the construction industry look for indicators like trustworthiness and past success. These industries benefit from being able to put their best foot forward, and a well-made video on the company website could make the difference between inspiring confidence in their customers or inspiring them to look somewhere else.

Clark Construction SeaTac Airport Expansion

This film documents a major construction project at SeaTac Airport. In early 2020, the Clark Construction team erected a 780-foot-long elevated pedestrian walkway which spans across an active airport taxi lane. The transport and installation of that walkway, a massive undertaking in and of itself, involved the coordination of numerous agencies and engineers, all of whom were interviewed for this video. Videos like these can be used for advertising, promotion, public relations, and social media for years to come.

Slater Interiors Client Testimonial

Architecture and design are two other industries that benefit from video. Client testimonials often tell the best success stories. Videos like these add life to websites and social media pages. They inspire confidence in new customers and speak with a kind of authenticity that words alone cannot convey.

Before and After Photography

Every project benefits from good documentation. For businesses in the construction and design industries, being able to clearly show a new client before and after photos is critical to success. These companies shouldn’t settle for cell-phone images - a new client can tell the difference between professional and amateur work.

Before and after photographs can also be integrated into a video. These short, eye-catching videos are perfect for social media and truly demonstrate what a project looks like at start and completion.

A good marketing video will pay for itself!

Why are videos the best method to increase sales? Because people respond with their emotions, and a high-quality video immediately builds trust and creates excitement. Because trust is the foundation of any business relationship, clients will feel like they are already familiar with a company’s products and services and will be ready to work with them when they reach out.

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