Video Marketing for Manufacturing, Machinery, and Technology

Businesses in the field of manufacturing and technology have the ability to unlock tremendous potential by incorporating video into their digital marketing plan. While these industries tend to provide plenty of text information on their website, a video allows them to quickly disseminate complex ideas and information while making a lasting, emotional impact on their potential customers.

Take a look at these examples and learn how Unified Cinematic Videography can help your business.

Hiltron Fabricated Valves

Unified Cinematic recently teamed up with DeZURIK-Hilton to produce a video explaining their products to new consumers. With this new video, they’re able to quickly and effectively explain WHY their business is unique in their industry. A favorable first impression shortens the length of conversion time and immediately starts building trust. Their customers move from being curious about their products to being excited to try them.

BBC Technologies

When it comes to manufacturing and machinery, movement is key! BBC Technologies wanted to show their machinery in action, putting the kinetic energy of their equipment on full display. Combining these captivating visuals with a client testimonial is a great way of demonstrating their product, especially since their location in New Zealand makes it difficult for their clients to travel to them.

“Michael from Unified Cinematic was great! Easy to work with and on time with deliverables. Awesome communication throughout the project between our team in New Zealand and Michael in the USA allowed us to create a great customer testimonial that everyone was pleased with!”

Return Home

Videos spread across social media faster than any other media. When Return Home, a new technology startup, wanted to reach  investors, they knew they needed to make a video that would stand out. Utilizing beautiful scenes in nature and dramatic lighting along with a script that goes straight to the heart, we were able to make this captivating video that went on to raise over one million dollars in investment capital.

A good marketing video will pay for itself!

Why are videos the best method to increase sales? Because people respond with their emotions, and a high-quality video immediately builds trust and creates excitement. Because trust is the foundation of any business relationship, your clients will feel like they are already familiar with your products and services and will be ready to work with you when they reach out.

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