Guest Blog - Tips For Hiring Outside Marketers

The 4 Rules of Thumb Business Owners Should Know When Hiring Outside Sales and Marketing Professionals

If your business has had difficulty hitting key sales or marketing goals, you may be looking to bring new employees on board. Whether you’re only considering full-time staff members or whether you’re interested in contracting with freelancers, there are a few rules of thumb that can help you make smart and informed hiring decisions.

1. Search for Sales Professionals Who Fit In With Your Company Culture and Brand

When searching for prospective candidates, ensuring a good cultural fit is key. Screen job candidates who may fit in well with your company culture and who could represent your company’s brand and core values.

In addition to hiring employees, you could also create a high quality recruiting video to attract the best talent available. For video production services in Seattle, Washington, you could reach out to Unified Cinematic Videography to help you promote your company and hit recruiting goals.

2. Decide Between Hiring Full-Time Staff or Contracting With Freelancers

According to one study, more and more companies are hiring freelancers. Although freelancers are popular due to their general affordability, both freelancers and full-time staff members have distinct benefits. Before making your hiring choice, consider whether you:

  • Could benefit from the short-term help or specialized expertise of a freelancer
  • Would prefer the long-term stability and presence of a full-time staff member
  • Require a combination of additional staff and some contract freelancers

3. Look for Key Beneficial Traits and Move Through the Hiring Process Efficiently

Whatever sales or marketing positions you’re hiring for, there are some key traits to look for in candidates. Search for team players, individuals with proven experience, and people with quick minds and a willingness to learn. Having these professionals on board can benefit the company in numerous ways, from offering fresh perspectives to bringing crucial expertise.

When you’ve identified an ideal candidate, move through the hiring process swiftly to avoid losing the candidate to another business. Research market salaries and popular benefits to make competitive offers. Ensure that Human Resources is ready with the necessary paperwork as well.

4. Consider Using Select Sales or Marketing Services To Save Time and Money

If neither staff nor freelancers are quite right for your sales needs, consider off-the-shelf services, such as contract social media managers or for-hire copywriters and bookkeepers. This move can save you time and money while promoting business growth, from boosted revenue to expanded brand awareness and more. Additionally, consider the pros of forming a limited liability company to save additional cash that could then be redirected to your job search efforts. The benefits of an LLC often include:

  • Business flexibility
  • Certain tax benefits
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Limited legal liability

To avoid lawyer’s fees, you could use a formation service or simply file the needed documents yourself. However, be sure to check Washington’s state regulations first since various state LLC formation rules can and do vary.

If your business needs to ramp up its sales and marketing efforts, hiring highly qualified professionals can be a good place to start. Whether you’re searching for full-time staff, freelancers, or contract services, these four rules of thumb can help you make ideal hiring choices to meet your goals.

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